Over here on KingsFaithMC We DO fact have an anti-cheat and it is VERY sensitive!

Ok, so we got our FIRST EVER console/anti-cheat ban, and it is a fair ban!

Sadly, it was a real ban, which means people are ALREADY hacking on the server. This is something that every server has to deal with, and it is VERY annoying, I want to say, i am making a 'Report A Hacker' form (all staff will eventually have access to this) and if you see a hacker, please report them STRAIGHT away, and we will check 'em out (if they aren't banned already)

https://kingsfaithmc.typeform.com/to/Wn934W is the link for the 'Report A Hacker' form!

Thanks for reading!!
Ay everyone!

If you did not know, I am now Manager since Grim decided to take a break for a bit, so I will be writing updates every so often! At the moment, we know that tomorrow March 15th at around 9:00 PM EST we will be conducting some server updates. This for the internal hardware, updating to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and 6GB of ram would be added.

During this time, we will also update our MySQL databases, which hook up our website to our server. Therefor, the website may be a bit laggy for a few hours or possibly shut down/restart. This will also be the case for the server, so do not worry! We know that both locations that our server is hosted will be offline (Virginia and New York). The SSL certificate on the site is suspected to crash as well due to lots of pressure being put on it.

I hope everyone understands,


P.S. : Happy Pi Day!
Hey everyone!

Welcome to the release! This is the one official release, and we do not plan to have anymore. Many may ask, "What is unique and different about the server since last time?" Well many things actually, we got a new developer, new staff, and way more stuff!

Who are the new staff? The new staff are SaicoPig (Mod) and Markens123 (Helper), they should be able to help you with any of your needs. We also added a new staff member, __MrAnonymous__ , who is a developer. As well as introducing new staff, we also let go of a couple. Sadly, we let go of BenPlays and MadeSky (both developers), and our tonygcccp left. If you are wondering of how to apply for staff, please go here (Helper) and check out the format, or here (Developer).

What have you guys added from last time? From last time we added a lot of new things. First off, we added a top factions GUI (/ftop or at spawn), this shows the faction worth, and all of its information. On top of this, we also added a balance top (or money top) GUI (/baltop). We also added a whole other world, one with custom terrain, so it looks wonderful everywhere, combined with a new spawn and a new crate area(/warp crates). Added Gen Buckets, so it is easier to make bases, and now have a bans website. To save the best for last, we added custom enchantments. You might have seen these on other factions servers. Custom enchantments are unique, fancy enchantments apart from the normal vanilla. These can do a bunch of things that can help you, or help you kill your enemy(Also has factions things). To make this even more better, all of these fabulous...
Part One:
So, The server SHOULD be released tomorrow, however this is not definite! It is only a maybe, heres why (it probably will be released tomorrow, but heres reasons why if not)

- Server could have bugs, that have NOT been squished!
- Server has some issues
- Server is still in early stages of development
- Some plugins have not been applied yet

Part Two
The server IS currently 45% Ready for public use, and is able to be used, however there are people who use malicious hacks, meaning that we have to be on red alert!

Thanks for understanding that we may not be able to release the server to the public. Thank you for your time! Discord is always open if you need to chat!
Just wanted to let you know some of our staff!
Owner: King_Avi
Manager: TheGrimRooster
Admin: Mimsy04
Developer: __ANonymous__
Moderator: SaiCoPig
Helper: Markens123
Hello adventurers, and welcome to the brand new website!

As you may have known, the website has just released! This website will serve for many purposes, one being the updates. The updates on this page will tell you what is going on in the server to keep you updated! Currently, this website is still in development/beta testing so please report all bugs/issues that happened so far!

Confusion may arise on why the server and website was down. This is because it was in maintenance for bugs, plugins, and adding many more epic plugins for you guys! We tried to keep you updated discord, but there was too much that we tried to keep our mouths shut so you adventurers would be surprised!

At the moment, we are in need of a lot of staff! So, please apply on the forums and we hope you can provide to the server! On top of this, we also need a graphic designer and a plugin developer! Please contact me on discord to discuss this.

The server will also be introducing custom enchantments a few days to weeks after the 15th! Also, if you did not know, the new server ip is play.kingsfaithmc.com!

Thank you for your patience,

King's Faith Staff
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