1. To stop certain functions from stopping, I (KingsFaith's Developer MrAnonymous) want to tell you Guest that certain Changes are going to be made to this site. You may notice the search bar has disappeared, that is so network traffic will flow faster as, the search bar is rarely used, and makes network traffic slower. (What this does Guest is speed up the website by an approximate 50 - 75%). This will be enabled later on. Thank you for your time! (KEEP AN EYE ON THE STATUS PAGE!). -Anonymous

New Profile Posts

  1. __MrAnonymous__
    One out of the Two Developers on KFMC. I guess you could say, im the head of Devs... at the moment anyway..so uhh, yeh. The head, sort of..
  2. __MrAnonymous__
  3. Markens123
    Moderating the server
  4. mimsy04
    Server Manager :)
  5. Grim
    Just the server manager... No biggie
  6. mimsy04
    Administrating the Server
  7. Markens123
    Im a bad boy
  8. __MrAnonymous__