1. To stop certain functions from stopping, I (KingsFaith's Developer MrAnonymous) want to tell you Guest that certain Changes are going to be made to this site. You may notice the search bar has disappeared, that is so network traffic will flow faster as, the search bar is rarely used, and makes network traffic slower. (What this does Guest is speed up the website by an approximate 50 - 75%). This will be enabled later on. Thank you for your time! (KEEP AN EYE ON THE STATUS PAGE!). -Anonymous
Hello adventurers, and welcome to the brand new website!

As you may have known, the website has just released! This website will serve for many purposes, one being the updates. The updates on this page will tell you what is going on in the server to keep you updated! Currently, this website is still in development/beta testing so please report all bugs/issues that happened so far!

Confusion may arise on why the server and website was down. This is because it was in maintenance for bugs, plugins, and adding many more epic plugins for you guys! We tried to keep you updated discord, but there was too much that we tried to keep our mouths shut so you adventurers would be surprised!

At the moment, we are in need of a lot of staff! So, please apply on the forums and we hope you can provide to the server! On top of this, we also need a graphic designer and a plugin developer! Please contact me on discord to discuss this.

The server will also be introducing custom enchantments a few days to weeks after the 15th! Also, if you did not know, the new server ip is play.kingsfaithmc.com!

Thank you for your patience,

King's Faith Staff